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Thai Boxing In Schools

Enhancing Well-being and Academic Success through Muay Thai

Our school clubs and Intervention are an exciting children's martial arts programme, aimed at character building and life skills development taught through Martial Arts training.

What do they learn?

Our after-school clubs have been developed to give a foundation for every element of Muay Thai. Our unique teaching method allows students to benefit from both a school club and academy training.

Students will be instructed on self-defence training, which involves correct attacking tools, stances, strikes, and blocks. The techniques taught, are all taken from active Muay Thai professionals and have been adapted to benefit children who can further develop their training at our academy.

Coach is instructing a group of young people how to execute a high guard ready to practice the fundamentals of Muay Thai.
Two young boys practicing partnered drills. One is throwing a round-house kick and the other is signalling the strike.

What will they achieve?

Each term, students will learn a mixture of individual techniques and a variety of self-defence skills specially designed for realistic situations in which children find themselves.

Alongside the physical training, each student will also achieve valuable life skills. These include a positive attitude, confidence, kindness, responsibility, focus, anti-bullying and avoiding conflict.


The after-school club will give each child the foundation necessary to progress into our academy that partners with their school club training.


Sessions are aimed at all students 4+ and all abilities.

We deliver 1-hour sessions, over the course of a full term (typically 10 weeks) a minimum of once per week.

School to provide the training space while all Thai Boxing coaches are provided by us.

After School Clubs
(45 mins)

  • 45-minute sessions

  • A Thai Boxing programme focused on developing the fundamentals, building confidence, a disciplined approach to self-defence, fitness and well-being for the students.

  • Our school clubs programme aims to involve all participants through positive engagement unlike typical martial arts classes; as the objective is not competition but self-development.

  • Fundamentals, partner drills, pad work, and fun fitness games.

(60 mins)

  • 45-minute sessions followed by 15 minutes of one-to-one or group youth mentoring.

  • A Thai Boxing programme focused on developing self-discipline, fitness and well-being for the students.

  • The students will work towards a clear understanding of accountability and a 'can-do mindset' based on the effort that they put into the training programme.

  • Fundamentals, partner drills, pad work, and fun fitness games.

Martial arts have been proven to relieve stress, improve self-control and awareness, improve cognitive abilities, develop resilience to pressure and improve concentration.

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