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Membership Cancellation

Membership Cancellation Terms:

Should you choose to reactivate your membership in the future, please be aware that the current membership rates at that time will apply, as our rates are subject to change.

If you prefer to pause your membership rather than cancelling, you have the option to request a Membership Hold.

If you're certain you want to cancel, simply fill out and submit the form provided below. This action will count as your 30-day written notice for cancellation, as stipulated in our membership terms and conditions. Following the submission of this form, your membership will be discontinued at the close of the next billing cycle.


Please note that any payments scheduled within this 30-day notice period will be processed as planned, and your membership will conclude at the end of the corresponding payment cycle. Remember, all payments made are final and non-refundable.

Let's Get Started

Thanks for submitting! We will confirm cancellation via email within 5 working days.

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