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Meet The Team

All of our coaches and volunteers are Enhanced DBS Verified

(Available on request)

A picture of our founder, Andre Simon.

Andre Simon
Founder & Head Coach
(Level 3 First-Aid Certified)

Hello! I'm Andre Simon, from a young age, community work and supporting young people have been a fundamental part of my life, influenced by my family's dedication to public service. My journey working with children, especially those with autism and challenging behaviour, began at 14 when I volunteered as a youth mentor. My passion led me to complete a Childcare Diploma in 2009, specialising in supporting children with autism/SEN and challenging behaviour.

My love for Muay Thai was ignited in 2003 after watching the film Ong Bak. The awe-inspiring scene where Tien cracks a motorcycle helmet with his knee and elbow left a lasting impression. However, it wasn't until 2016, at the age of 24, that I actively pursued Muay Thai, which has profoundly impacted my life, teaching me invaluable lessons through my journey as a professional fighter and coach.


Through Radojunkie, founded in 2018 as a personal brand and evolved into a community-focused initiative by 2022, my mission is to make martial arts accessible, connecting communities one class at a time. My aspiration is to be a catalyst for positive change, using martial arts to instil discipline, respect, humility, self-confidence, resilience, and self-defence skills in the next generation. I aim to foster a supportive community that encourages the growth of future leaders.

In addition to my martial arts and coaching achievements, I'm passionate about Japanese culture and anime, which has led me to learn a moderate amount of Japanese. I'm also a certified English Language tutor with over five years of teaching experience, further contributing to my diverse skill set and ability to connect with a wide range of individuals.

Joana Paris
Coach & Youth Coordinator
(First-Aid Certified)

Hello! I'm Joana Paris, a dedicated educator and martial artist with a passion for empowering the next generation. After completing my Early Childhood Education degree in 2007, I've worked extensively with young people, enriching their lives through teaching and mentoring.


My martial arts journey began in 2011 with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, igniting a passion that led me to Muay Thai upon moving to England in 2013. This discipline has become not just a hobby but a way of life that I'm eager to share, especially as an instructor for both children and adults.

My time training in Thailand deepened my commitment to using martial arts as a tool for teaching discipline, humility, respect, and self-defence. I believe in the power of martial arts to foster a supportive community, encouraging everyone to strive for mutual success. Inspired by Andre and our team at Radojunkie, I'm motivated to contribute to this positive influence, helping shape resilient and respectful individuals.

Beyond martial arts, my personal journey of transformation, from losing a significant amount of weight to training in fencing and combat Karate, showcases my dedication to personal growth and helping others. Fluent in Portuguese, I'm excited about the opportunities to inspire and be inspired, building a community that uplifts and thrives together.

Coach Joana
A picture of our assistant coach, Imaan Khan.

Imaan Khan
Assistant Coach

Hello! I’m Imaan Khan, martial arts have been a cornerstone of my life since I was 7, teaching me discipline and shaping my character. Now, as I pursue a law career, my goal is to advocate for others and make a difference.


Being part of Radojunkie, an organisation dedicated to providing martial arts access to young people, is incredibly rewarding. It’s more than teaching techniques; it’s about empowering youth and contributing to their growth, which I find truly fulfilling.


Besides my legal studies and martial arts, I'm involved in charity and work with Leapfrog Fight TV, blending my passion for combat sports with media and videography. This allows me to reach and inspire a broader audience, combining my interests to make a positive impact.

Carlotta Vaccari
Champion Volunteer

My name is Carlotta Vaccari, I am deeply passionate about working with young people because they constantly keep you learning. It's always a challenge to find new ways to entertain them while teaching. Moreover, I love combat sports and eager to share this enthusiasm with the younger generation.

My journey in martial arts began at the age of 13 with Ju-jitsu, and by the time I was 15 or 16, I had moved on to K1. I am a graduate in Human Nutrition, and my ambition in life is to combine my love for fighting and coaching with my knowledge of nutrition. I aim to help athletes maintain peak performance and stay as healthy as possible for as long as they can.


I greatly admire what Radojunkie is accomplishing with children and I am eager to get more involved in their projects. I understand firsthand the significant benefits martial arts can offer in overcoming various life challenges, and I am thrilled to contribute to this cause.

Being an Italian native who spent a part of my childhood in Brazil, I am fluent in Italian, Portuguese, and English. This multicultural background not only enriches my personal life but also enhances my ability to connect with and inspire a diverse group of young people.

A picture of our Champion Volunteer, Carlotta Vaccari.
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