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Wild Wednesday: Uniting Young Warriors for an Epic 90-Minute Muay Thai Class!

Our Wild Wednesday Muay Thai class this week truly lived up to its name - it was wild in the best possible way!

With 24 enthusiastic young people in attendance, it was one of our busiest sessions of the year. What made it even more special was that it marked the first time our Sunday and Wednesday students came together, creating a dynamic and invaluable experience for everyone involved.

Amongst the group were four first-timers, so we kicked off the 90-minute session by covering the Muay Thai fundamentals before diving into pad work and fitness routines. The energy was high, and the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement.

A group of young people and their coaches making silly faces
Wild Wednesday Crew Easter Special April 2024

Overall, it was one of our most memorable sessions yet. The young participants arrived eager to learn, showed exceptional technique and control, and most importantly, had a blast throughout. And of course, we couldn't end the session without our customary treat of blood oranges and kumquats, which were a hit with everyone.

Wild Wednesday was indeed a success, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next adventure with our amazing group of young warriors.

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