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Celebrating the Triumph of Our Free Muay Thai Winter Camp for Youngsters

Updated: Mar 2

Introduction to the Muay Thai Winter Camp

This February marked the launch of our very first Free Muay Thai Camp of the year for young people hosted at the Roman Road Adventure Playground in London, Tower Hamlets. Designed to make the disciplined and empowering sport of Muay Thai accessible to all, the camp offered an unparalleled opportunity for children and teenagers to delve into martial arts in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

The Significance of Making Muay Thai Accessible

Muay Thai is more than a martial art; it's a conduit for building self-confidence, discipline, and physical well-being. By offering this camp during the school holiday, we sought to dismantle barriers and introduce the myriad benefits of Muay Thai to a wider audience of young individuals.

Daily Rundown of Activities

Day 1: Introduction to Muay Thai

The camp commenced with the essentials, welcoming 16 participants, 9 of whom were new to the world of Muay Thai. The day was centred around skipping, fundamental stances, movements, and the integral value of respect within martial arts. Our participants explored and enjoyed the exotic fruit platter from Dreamfruit UK.

Day 2: Enhancing Skills, Techniques and Sparring Drills

With participation numbers swelling, we delved deeper into pad work and combinations, allowing participants to refine their abilities and build upon the foundational skills established on the first day. We had several young people who already had competition experience and trained together. This was great for our more adept participants fostering growth. In addition to fundamentals, we allowed the more experienced young people to partake in partner sparring drills.

Day 3: Fundamentals, Sparring Drills and Application

The concluding day was dedicated to the application of skills through partnered drills and light sparring for the older and more experienced participants to put their learning to the test in a supportive environment.

Celebrating Our Participants' Achievements

The camp proved to be an overwhelming success, with 25 young individuals taking part, 18 of whom were new to our community. We are proud to have introduced 16 participants to their first-ever experience of Muay Thai, making significant progress each day in our mission to make Muay Thai accessible to everyone.

Reflections and Future Endeavours

Reflecting on the success of our winter camp, we are already looking forward to organising more free sessions. Our commitment to spreading the joy and benefits of Muay Thai continues, with plans to host additional camps and workshops throughout the year.

Also, it was as clear as day that the young individuals loved the fruits provided by Dreamfruit UK.

Blood Oranges / Pink Dragon Fruit / Pataya or Yellow Dragon Fruit / Guava / Pink Guava / Star Fruit / Pineapple / Kumquats / Lychees / Golden Kiwi

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