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Empowering Women Through Muay Thai: Breaking Stereotypes, Building Confidence

On March 17th, the Sunday Radojunkie adults' class welcomed the Stand Up Sis ladies, turning it into an exclusive women's session. Having taught this class for a considerable time, I've grown accustomed to the regular attendees, who are slightly more advanced. So, having three newcomers to Muay Thai altered the dynamics a tad.

Teaching them was a delight; their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn made everything smoother. We kicked off with a dynamic and engaging warm-up, incorporating exercises specific to Muay Thai such as kicks, knees, and blocks, before delving into the details.

I split the class between the more experienced and the newbies and provided direction accordingly. With the Stand Up Sis ladies, I had to break it down further. We began by covering all hand strikes followed by leg strikes. Their excitement was palpable as they followed instructions and corrected minor details. Then came the fun part: drills.

Throughout the session, I witnessed noticeable improvement. However, despite their eagerness, I detected some apprehension when it came to experiencing punches or kicks received from their partners. Utilising demonstrations to highlight the consequences of dropping one's guard added an element of engagement, fun, and realism.

Muay Thai offers women self-confidence, resilience, and empowerment. Even within the short span of an hour, I observed these women pushing their boundaries and trusting their abilities. Imagine the impact this sport could have on them in the long run.

The all-female environment provided a sense of safety. Not because women feel threatened by men, but because acknowledging the inherent physical differences between genders can be slightly daunting. Here, they could be their true selves, fostering confidence and shattering stereotypes.

Teaching them was incredibly rewarding. As someone who comes from an era where martial arts was predominantly viewed as a "men's" sport, it's fulfilling to witness these women's excitement for such activities and their admiration towards me.

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