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The Knowlsey Academy Is Moving To Borehamwood

Andre Simon

24 Sept 2023

After 19 years, TKA opens a new home!

24th September 2023

The Knowlsey Academy Is Coming To Borehamwood

Earlier this month, the world-famous Knowlsey Academy Gym (TKA) announced that they would be spreading their wings from their home in Burnt Oak and opening a second gym in Borehamwood.

Whilst I was at Roar Fighting Championships 28, I managed to catch up with Katie Knowles to talk about the origins of the TKA and the new gym opening next month.

I found out a lot that I did not know about the TKA family had I not had this chance to catch up with Katie. She was more than happy for me to share our discussion with all of you.

No edits to these questions and answers, they're just as I asked, as Katie responded and I commented.

Where did The Knowlsey Academy begin?


Katie: We have been a Muay Thai gym for coming up to 19 years now started when Christian Knowles was competing in Muay Thai & k1 with having over 52 fights worldwide racking up gold medals in the Bangkok champions and numerous world and European titles and having the Uk #1 spot.

Andre: 19 years ago! If my maths is correct, that is roughly around the time the film Ong Bak came out and this film alone made me want to get into Muay Thai.


How long have you been at Burnt Oak and what does this mean to the Knowlsey family?

Katie: We have been in Burnt Oak for 19 years and we are super excited to be able to have a second site in which we can offer an even wider range of training facilities and classes, even a recovery suite.

Andre: Now that is a long time to be in one space for, but I am all for the expansion.


Why are you relocating?


Katie: Touched on this before, but mainly to be able to enhance our brand including a wider range of classes and better training facilities

Andre: You know me, I am all for creating access to the sport so I love that you'll be able to reach more people.


What can people expect in the new space?


Katie: We have our resident coaches from TKA Burnt Oak such as Christian Knowles & Lyndon Knowles as well as Anthony Kannike and we welcome to the coaching team heavyweight fighter Tom Watson, and under 18 WBC champion Ellie Harber and UK number 4 featherweight Hanna Turner, strength and conditioning coach Katie Knowles & Tilly Hewitt.


We will be offering Muay Thai for kids and adults strength and conditioning classes, personal training, and specialist classes and looking forward to creating an amazing community surrounding it.


Andre: That's a solid squad you got representing both sites. I've seen your workouts on socials and I feel sorry for whoever joins your S&C classes. Although I am they will thank you for the punishment you put them through.

Potential opening date?


Katie: Wednesday, October 25th! and would love you to come down.

Andre: You already know I'm there!

The Knowlsey Academy's expansion to Borehamwood represents a significant milestone in their journey. With 19 years of experience, a strong commitment to excellence and world-class coaches, they are set to make a lasting impact on the fitness community in the area. As the countdown to the grand opening begins, it's clear that TKA is ready to welcome the Borehamwood community to the family.

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