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Andre Simon

16 Dec 2023

ISKA News Updates (UK Fighters Only)

16th December 2023

Masda Fight Night Crowns 2 ISKA World Champions

Liverpool's Masda Gym ended the year on a high note in the UK Muay Thai scene, hosting a stellar event including two world title matches.

The Women's 53.5KG World Title bout showcased Daniela 'Black Diamond' Miranda from Sabaidee Muay Thai Academy in London against Becky Caslin from 4 Corners Gym in Liverpool.

After an intense 5-round battle, Daniela Miranda emerged victorious, securing the Women's 53.5KG ISKA World Champion title via unanimous decision. Daniela's triumph adds to her impressive year, having claimed the WBC National Title in May and the MTGP British Title in October.

Her dedication to the sport serves as an inspiration, especially for young women within the African/Portuguese community. An empowering presence in her own right.

In another thrilling match, Anthony Deary from Kiet Muay Thai in Liverpool squared off against Carlos Campos from Camp Muay in Spain for the ISKA Lightweight World Title.

Anthony Deary emerged triumphant after a gripping 5 rounds of high-class Muay Thai, claiming the ISKA Lightweight World Champion title as all judges favoured his performance.

Anthony's successful year includes earning the WBC National title in March and the WBC International title in April, hinting at a promising future ahead for this talented fighter.


18th November 2023

One night sees 3 ISKA World Title Contests

The Hitman Fight League hosted three ISKA World Title fights on its second London show.

First up, we had Reon Wong vs Charlie Sikwa. The first clash between these two warriors fell in favour of Charlie for the ISKA European Kickboxing Title. This rematch was a title defence for Reon's ISKA World Title. After 5 rounds of world-class K1 action, Reon Wong retained his ISKA Kickboxing World Championship with a unanimous decision victory over Charlie Sikwa.

Next up, Luke Whelan was set to defend his ISKA World Title against Solomon Lefleur.

Luke Whelan reaffirmed his status as the ISKA World Title holder, securing another victory against Solomon Lefleur.

Last, in the main event of the show, the current UK #1 of the middleweight division Joe Craven was up against the British Muay Thai legend Michael Wakeling.

Joe Craven defeats Michael Wakeling in the second round, claiming the vacant ISKA World Title.


1st September 2023

Women's 53.5KG ISKA World Title Fight Announcement

Today, it was announced that we have an ISKA World Title fight scheduled to take place on December 16th at Masda Fight Night in Liverpool.

A fight between two of the hottest female fights for the 53.5KG World Champion status.

Our first contender is Becky Caslin from Four Corner Combat Gym in Liverpool. She'll be up against Daniela Miranda from Sabaidee Muay Thai Academy in London.


20th August 2023

21 CFC crowns 2 new ISKA Champions

Yesterday, Saturday 19th, we had the pleasure of being invited down to the 21st Century Fighting Championships at the Harlequin Theatre in Surrey.

It was an amazing show and we got to witness two amazing ISKA bouts first-hand.

The 21CFC can be watched online exclusively via

First up, the 29KG IKSA British Junior Title was up for grabs. Freddy Edwing from Team Mulley Muay Thai and Blu Hibbert from Storm Gym contended for the Junior Title.

After 5 hard-fought rounds, Freddy Edwing won by a unanimous decision.

Last up, was the Co-main event of the evening was the 67KG ISKA British K1 Title. Tom Kirk from Evolution Combat Academy was up against Ryan Muna from Fightzone.

The fight was off to a good start before Tom Kirk started to take control of the round. Tom Kirk landed a huge overhand-right ending the fight in the very 1st round crowning him the new champion by KO.


10th July 2023

Combat Fight Series sees 3 new ISKA Champions crowned

On Saturday, Combat Fight Series 14 in London saw 3 ISKA titles on the line.

First up, the 29KG IKSA British Junior Title was up for grabs. Ralphie Carling from Team Mulley Muay Thai and Anton Krastev from KO South Coast contended for the Junior Title.

After 5 hard-fought rounds, Ralphie Carling wins by a unanimous decision.

Next up, we have the 57KG ISKA Muay Thai English Title that was being contended for. Izzi Wilkins from Pride Combat Athletics against Taif Cooper from Coopers Gym Tees Side for the English Title.

After 5 back to back rounds of Muay Thai action, Izzi Wilkins steals the show by unanimous decision.

Last up, was the main event of the evening with the 75KG ISKA Muay Thai World Title. Michael Wakeling from the UK's JTT Muay Thai Gym was up against Alex Fernandez from Spain's Daithon Gym.

Michael Wakeling dominates from start to finish ending this fight by TKO crowning him the new ISKA World Champion.


26th April 2023

Vacant 67KG ISKA Pro-K1 British professional title announcement

It was announced yesterday by 21st Century Fighting Championships that it would be holding a 67KG ISKA Pro-K1 British title bout against two up-and-coming fighters on its next show on August 19th.

First up, we have Darren Parker from Sanshou Gym in Brighton. He is no stranger to the 21CFC series and is the current 68KG 21CFC Pro-K1 British Champion.

He is up against Tom Kirk from Evolution Combat Academy in Liverpool. Tom made a name for himself coming off his Pro-debut win at Combat Fight Series 13 on April 8th.

Who do you think is taking this one?

(Source: 21st Century Fighting Championships Instagram)


30th March 2023

61KG ISKA World Lightweight title challenge announcement

It was announced by the official social media account for the Muay Thai Grand Prix that there will be a challenge for the vacant 61KG ISKA World Lightweight title.

The challengers are the UK’s ‘British Bulldog’ Bailey Sugden and Japan's three Division K-1 Champion Takeru.

The fight will be held on MTGP Paris in Zenith on Saturday 24th June 2023.

(Source: MTGP Offical Instagram)


26th March 2023

1 night, sees 3 ISKA Titles on the line at Combat Fight Series 12

Yesterday, Combat Fight Series 12 in Bournemouth saw 3 ISKA titles on the line.

First up, the 76KG IKSA Amateur K1 World Title was up for grabs. Patryk Czart from Predators MMA and Aaron Cain from Evolution Combat Academy contended for the World Title.

After 5 hard-fought rounds, Partryk Czart wins by a unanimous decision.

(Source: Partryk Czart Official Instagram Page)

Next up, the 57KG ISKA Semi Pro K1 British Title was being contended for. TJ Simmons from Stone Fight Academy fought against Cei Evans from Celtic Pride Martial Arts for the British Title.

After 5 back to back rounds, TJ Simmons steals the show by unanimous decision.

(Source: TJ Simmons Official Instagram Page)

Last but not least, the 55KG Pro K1 ISKA World Title. This epic bout was between seriously tough cookies of the weight division. Jordan "Ginge" Swinton from the UK's Lookborai Gym was up against Frederico Cordeiro from Portugal's DinaMite Team.

In the final 30 seconds of round 5, Frederico Cordeiro wins the bout by KO.

(Source: Fredrico Corderio Official Instagram Page)


19th March 2023

Otis Waghorn secures the 63.5KG British Title at Muay Thai Mayhem

Yesterday, Otis Waghorn from Assassins Gym fought for the 63.5KG ISKA British Title on Muay Thai Mayhem's first show of the year against Adetayo Duroshola from Fightzone London.

After 5 rounds of K1-action, he secured the win by unanimous decision.

(Source: The Great British Photographer)

27th February 2023

Alfie Pearse becomes the new 61KG Intercontinental Champion

On Sunday 26th February, Alfie Pearse contended for the vacant 61KG ISKA Intercontinental Title against the experienced Felype Morais from Brazil on Masda Fight Night.

After 5 rounds of Muay Thai action, he secured the win by unanimous decision.

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