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One Piece Film Red Steals The Show

Andre Simon

10 Oct 2022

No.1 in Japan's box office for 10 weeks straight!

One Piece Film Red has stayed at the top of Japan's box office for the past 10 consecutive weeks. Do you suspect it will be on top this weekend?

Last weekend alone, the film earned 229,943,910 yen (about US$1.57 million) from Friday to Sunday. Since its release date in Japan on August 6th, the film has sold a total of 12.08 million tickets for a cumulative total of 16,644,349,890 yen (about US$113.9 million).

Not only has the movie become the franchise's highest-selling and highest-earning film instalment, in terms of both the number of tickets sold and yen earned at the box office.

It has even contributed toward approximately 70% of Toei's box office revenue in 2022 which is currently at around 22 billion yen. Reported on Saturday, Toei announced that its current box office revenue is at 22,045,453,934 billion yen (about US$151 million) for the films it has distributed collectively from January 1st to September 30th this year, making it the company's highest-earning year in the box office and we still have just over 10 weeks of the year to go.

This is to no surprise as One Piece is as far as I'm concerned the G.O.A.T.


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