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LeapFrog Fight TV

18 Jul 2023

LeapFrog Fight TV News Updates

LeapFrog Fight TV is a global Iive streaming & media for combat sports events. Changing the way we access Muay Thai, K1, Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA & Media through digital innovation.


18th July 2023

LeapFrog Fight TV x Diamond Fight Announcement

Leapfrog Fight TV proudly announces its collaboration with Diamond Fight Promotions as its esteemed Broadcast & Media Partner. This exciting partnership commences with the upcoming Sept 23rd event, which will now be exclusively broadcasted live on the Leapfrog Fight TV website and app.

The stage is set for an electrifying experience as Diamond Fight Promotions, renowned for its gripping fights and thrilling matchups, joins forces with Leapfrog Fight TV, a platform dedicated to delivering top-notch sporting entertainment to fans worldwide.


17th May 2023

The LeapFrog Fight TV app is coming soon!

Next month, LeapFrog Fight TV will have its 1st birthday and the team is gearing up to kickstart their 2nd year with an absolute BANG!!!

On May 10th, via Instagram/Facebook, they announced that they were cooking up an app for our mobile smart devices. Approximately, 85% of sports viewers watch shows/events from their phones so this was the only direction. Founder Ahmer Khan mentioned in a news post, "We are developing the user-friendly LeaFrog Fight TV mobile app, coming soon. With one-click access to the action and a community page for sharing opinions, fans can interact with each other during live streams effortlessly."

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