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Last Round From Podcasters To Promoters

Andre Simon

25 Sept 2023

Last Round went from podcasters to promoters in massive success

26th September 2023

Last Round's Went From Podcasters To Promoters And Smashed Their Debut Show!

What can I say, Last Round is well known in the UK Muay Thai for its podcast which popped up in the middle of the pandemic to keep us up to date with what was going on in the minds of the UK Muay Thai community.

Last Round recently ventured into show promotion and their debut show was an incredible one at that. Over the weekend I was lucky enough to sit down with Dan Saunders, one of the brains behind Last Round while he was in London.

I got to find out a little bit more about how Last Round came to be what it is today and hear about the massive success of their debut show that took place on September 9th. Dan was kind enough to let me share our conversation with you all. So let's dive in!

No edits to these questions and answers, they're just as I asked, as Dan responded and I commented.

The Birth of Last Round

1. Who is Last Round and what does it stand for?

Dan: Last Round originally was just a podcast that I set up with my mate Anton Austin. We drove around the country during the pandemic and interviewed fighters, coaches and promoters.

(Last Round's first podcast. Left: Anton and Right: Dan)

When events started happening again, we took Last Round to a shorter format and did post-fight interviews with fighters after their matches. This is where the page really started to grow.

Andre: I remember when it popped up I was like who are these guys? It wasn't until after the pandemic I became more familiar with Anton as a fighter but I still didn't know who you were until we started exchanging conversation on IG, to be honest.

A Remarkable Debut Show

2. How would you say your debut show went on Sept 9th?

Dan: Our debut show was a great success, with a sold out venue and lots of great fights. Our main goal was for the fighters to feel like they were being looked after, so we were very pleased after the show, with all the positive feedback we got from them.

(Dan shared a snapshot of the sold out show!)

Andre: To be fair, that's what it's all about and I expected no less with all the relationship building you have done over the years. The more fighters feel welcomed and looked after the more they will want to be on your show over others.


The Standout Moments

3. Fight of the night or the crowd favourite?

Dan: Fight of the night is a tough choice, there were some great fights but I think it has to go to Dave Borland and Callum Jones, the main event of the evening. Dave was clinical with his strikes but Callum kept walking forward and was a very tough opponent.


Andre: I might have missed this one as I was watching Last Round and CFS at the same time. I will definitely be watching this back on LeapFrog Fight TV.

From Podcasters to Promoters

4. What made you pursue the change from podcasters to promoters?

Dan: This is a tough question, as much as I love making content and will continue to do so, I was just ready for something more. I’ve seen a lot of shows at this point and felt like we could do it better, to be blunt about it. Too many promotions are just money-centric and the fighters are an afterthought. I felt like we could do things differently and also make the content in the build up to the show just as important as the event itself

Andre: I was going to touch on that in regard to content making as I saw that you visited a lot of gyms to speak with coaches and coaches. As a fighter, I personally hate it when promoters ask me for anything from outside of a picture for posters. So hats off to your efforts.

Looking Ahead to 2024

5. What does 2024 look like for Last Round?

Dan: 2024 is going to be exciting for Last Round. There have been talks about our next event, nothing has been confirmed yet, but I can say with 100% certainty that there will be another one. So keep your eyes peeled for announcements coming in the next couple of months!

Andre: I'm excited to see what's to come next year. Make sure you keep me updated on any juicy news. I love doing my bit to help spread the word of the community through Radojunkie.

Last Round has gone from a podcasting duo into a dynamic force in the UK Muay Thai scene. This is only the beginning of their journey which serves as a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and a genuine concern for the fighters and the sport itself.

As they continue to evolve, Last Round's future in 2024 and beyond is a story that Muay Thai fans are ready for.

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