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Coming to Crunchyroll

Andre Simon

16 Aug 2022

Crunchyroll Expo Anime Announcements

So many of you reading this may already know that the 2022 Crunchyroll Anime Expo was held in San Jose CA from August 5-7th.

There were a number of huge announcements made but you know the fans are always hyped to know which series is coming to the platform for us to watch.

Let's get started;

'Jujutsu Kaisen 0’ is coming to Crunchyroll

The Jujutsu Kaisen '0' movie is coming to Crunchyroll. Earlier in the year, the movie has been aired internationally in cinema but it was not available to stream. Luckily, those that missed the cinema viewing or those that haven't watched a cheeky unlicensed stream will have the chance to watch the movie through the platform. This is due to be available starting September 21st 2022.

The ‘Chainsaw Man’ anime received a new trailer

MAPPA’s anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man is by far the most high-anticipated anime of the era. Attendees received a bunch of news updates and it had been confirmed that the anime will be airing this Fall in October. There was no exact date given but a new trailer was introduced.

My Hero Academia’ Season 6 confirmed for Fall

Arguably one of the most popular anime of the new generation, My Hero Academia Season 6 will be returning to Crunchyroll in October. It has been a little unclear if the series was going to be simulcast internationally, but it was confirmed at the Expo that fans will definitely be able to stream the series. The trailer alone is a wild one.

It's happening, ‘Tower of God’ Season 2 is headed to Crunchyroll

It was announced at the Expo that Tower of God Season 2 is going to be hitting the screens. But, there is still no exact timeframe as to when that will be. The series is still in production and will be released for simulcast when the new episodes arrive. In the meantime, enjoy the key art recap of season 1.

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