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Join us at Radojunkie and spread the joy of Muay Thai

Empower | Discipline | Believe | Achieve



Caxton Hall Community Centre, Malmesbury Road, E3 2EE

Crane Class: 11 - 16 years

10:30 am - 11:15 am

Grasshopper Class: 4 - 11 years

11:15 am - 12:00 pm

Adult Class: Mixed 17+ yrs

12:00 pm - 13:00 pm


St Paul's Church Old Ford, St Stephens Road, E3 5JL

Youth Class: Mixed 4-16 years

16:00 pm - 16:45 pm

17:00 pm - 17:45 pm

Adult Class: Mixed 17+ years

18:00 pm - 19:00 pm

Girl wearing boxing gloves  during Thai Boxing class with a high guard.
Two young people practicing Muay Thai outdoors at the park. One is throwing a right cross and the other is signalling the strike.

What We Do

Radojunkie is a service that works closely with local communities to provide young people ages 4-25 years access to Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and Boxing. 

We work with young people to improve self-esteem and confidence, instilling self-discipline and building emotional resilience through martial arts, fitness, and mentoring.

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