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WBC Muay Thai UK

10 Feb 2024

WBC Muay Thai News Updates (UK Fighters Only)

10th February 2024

Women's WBC Super Flyweight World Title: Dani Fall (ENG) vs. Amy Duke🇺🇸 (USA)

Will Duke spoil Fall's homecoming? Secure your ticket to witness what promises to be the international clash of the decade.

Amy Duke from the USA is crossing the Atlantic to challenge for the Green and Gold. Holding victories over Canada's Regan Gowing and IFMA standout Summer Bronco, Duke also clinched the Warriors Cup WBC tournament, beating Anna Toole in the finals. She comes with a solid record and a top 10 World ranking.

England's Dani Fall, a three-time Super Flyweight European champion and current World #4, aims to secure the last piece of silverware to add to her collection before retiring. Having voluntarily defended her titles against top international competitors, Fall is eager to perform one last time for her home crowd.

SKS Empire Unleashed has managed to put together one helluva match-up for the Muay Thai fight fans in the UK. With female fighters on the rise worldwide, this is a contest that will surely empower ladies of the next generation.


21st September 2023

An Electric Domestic WBC National Title Match-Up Announcement!

2nd September 2023

The Young Lion Thomas McMahon Stikes Green & Gold Twice In 34 Days!

The next generation of UK Muay Thai fighters is thriving and the young man of the hour Thomas McMahon, hailing from Ireland. This warrior has etched his name in Celtic history with an astonishing feat - winning his second WBC MuayThai Celtic title. Just 34 days after his first victory in the 53.5kg category on July 29th, he clinched his second title in the 52.1kg category in Newcastle at Evol Promotions, Love 2 Fight.


18th August 2023

Victory Promotions announces WBC European Title Fight On Victory 12

Victory Promotions Proudly Presents a High-Stakes WBC European Title Fight: Welch vs. Vasile. Feel the Power and witness the Glory at VICTORY 12 on November 4th.

7th August 2023

Masda Fight Night crowns 2 new WBC Champions

On Saturday, August 5th, Masda Fight Night in Liverpool hosted two epic fights for the WBC National and European Titles. After a collective 10 rounds of Muay Thai action, the results are in. First up we have the 53.5KG National Title on the line between Daniela Miranda from Sabadee Gym in London vs Emma Usher from Masda Gym in Liverpool.

After 5 rounds of back-and-forth action between two of the UK's top prospects of the division, the decision was in favour of Daniela Miranda.

Next up, we had the 53.5KG European Title up for grabs against Ellis Barboza from MTM Fight Team vs Alex Kenton from Titanium Combat Academy in Liverpool.

After 5 completed rounds, the winner by unanimous decision was Ellis Barboza. This was definitely a fight for the ages!

(WBC Muay Thai UK)


2nd August 2023

CONFIRMED!!! Lyndon Knowles defends his WBC World Title on MTGP Australia

Muay Thai Grand Prix Australia on October 14, 2023 will see Lyndon Knowles embark on a journey to Australia. His mission? To safeguard his esteemed WBC Muay Thai World Heavyweight Title against none other than the reigning International Champion, Alex Roberts, in the highly anticipated MTGP Australia event.


1st August 2023

Dual Triumph at WBC Muay Thai Super Showdown #28 as Two U16 Athletes Clinch Championship Titles!

The echoes of triumph reverberated throughout the weekend at WBC Muay Thai Super Showdown #28, as a dynamic pair of U16 athletes snatch glory by securing the coveted WBC Championship titles.

Taking the stage first was the electrifying clash for the Under 16s 53.5kg Celtic title, an encounter that pitched the skill and determination of Thomas McMahon against the formidable Mark Foran.

The crowd observed a mesmerising bout that culminated in victory for Thomas McMahon by a majority decision. Now the new Under 16s WBC Muay Thai Celtic 53.5kg Champion, Thomas is due to re-enter the ring next month, with his sights set on another victory, for the Celtic title at 52.1kg. He'll be facing off against the tenacious Zac Sim's hailing from Scotland.

The night was still set for the gripping clash over the Under 16s 66.6kg British title, a showdown that featured the spirited Grace Griffiths and the unyielding Deksy Brandwood.

In an unforeseen turn of events, Grace Griffiths seizes the WBC Muay Thai Under 16s British 66.6kg title.

The momentum shifted dramatically as Deksy Brandwood sustained a knee injury during round 2, and regrettably retired at the beginning of the 3rd round. Unable to continue, Grace Griffiths becomes the victor of this contest.


31st July 2023

Exciting news, 5 more upcoming WBC Title Fights confirmed

First up, on October 14th, the upcoming Martial Mayhem Super Fights sees a clash between James Mackenzie and Lee Mackay that seems to be generating a lot of excitement and anticipation among martial arts enthusiasts and fans.

Both fighters have impressive track records and unique fighting styles, which could make for an exhilarating matchup. It's likely to be a closely contested event, and fans are eager to see who will come out on top.

As with any sporting event, there's always an element of unpredictability, which adds to the excitement of watching these skilled fighters compete against each other.

25th July 2023

Women's WBC World Title Fight Announcement!

Get ready for an electrifying rematch between Marie and Dani, as they go head-to-head once again for the WBC world title at Roar Fighting Championship on September 23rd!

Last time, they delivered an epic clash, showcasing their skills in the 115-pound division. Now, with the prestigious WBC world championship strap at stake, the excitement is at an all-time high.

Marie, the reigning Victory champion, knows that facing Dani, the current European WBC champ, will be no easy feat. Their previous encounter resulted in Marie's victory on points, but she's fully aware that this time, she'll be up against a different Dani. The preparations are intense, and fireworks are expected in the ring!

It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for both fighters, and the world will be watching eagerly to witness who will emerge as the newest WBC MuayThai female champion. Mark your calendars for this thrilling showdown—it's a match you won't want to miss!

14th July 2023

4 WBC Title Announcements

It has been a busy week for WBC Muay Thai in the UK and to spice it up some more there have been 4 title announcements.

On Saturday, July 29th, Super Show #28 in Barnsley has 3 Junior WBC titles up for grabs.

Next up, on August 12th at Masda Fight, we have the 53.5KG Female WBC National Title up for grabs. UK Number 2 Ranked fighter Daniela Miranda from London's Sabadee Muay Thai otherwise known as 'Black Diamond' versus the rising star Emma Usher from Liverpool's Masda Gym.


10th July 2023

Combat Fight Series 14 sees two Junior prospects fight for the WBC Medal

To kick off the Muay Thai action at CFS 14 in London, York Hall, we had the pleasure of spectating two young and hungry juniors battle it out for the golden token, WBC Medal.

Contending for the token, we had Freddy Ewing from Mulley Muay Thai VS Jay Sean from KO South Coast.

It was a close battle but after 3 completed rounds of Muay Thai action, Freddy Ewing emerged victorious and went home with the Gold WBC Medal.


17th June 2023

2 shows and 2 new WBC Champions

It has been a great night for WBC Muay Thai in the UK today. We had the pleasure of having 2 WBC titles on the line at the Roar Fighting Championships in England, Watford and Siam Warriors Superfights in Ireland, Cork.

First up we had the WBC Muay Thai U18s Super-Featherweight World Title on the line at Roar Fighting Championships 27. The bout was contested between England's Ellie Harber fighting out of the Knowlsey Acadamy and the Palestinian by way of Sweden Zahra Al-Mougrabi from team House of Samurai.

After 5 completed rounds, England's Ellie Harber comes up short and losses the bout by spli decision. The victor of this contest and the new WBC Muay Thai U18s Super-Featherweight World Title is Zahra Al-Mougrabi.

Next up, we had the WBC Muay Thai International Light-Heavyweight title on the line at Siam Warriors Cork. This contest was between England's Geroge Jarvis from Lumpinee Fight Team in Crawley and Ireland's Dylan Meagher from Courage Muay Thai.

The bout went the distance with George Jarvis winning this bout by unanimous decision making him the new WBC Muay Thai International Light-Heavyweight Champion.


20th May 2023

1 night sees 3 TKO's for WBC Titles at SKS Empire V

After an electric night of Muay Thai action at SKS Empire 5 in West Bromwich, we see 3 new WBC champions awards the Green and Gold token.

First up, we have the 72.5KG National WBC Title on the line. This was contested between Andre Simon from Fightzone in London and Tayo Zahir from Cobra Muay Thai in Birmingham.

Tayo wins the bout by 1st round TKO. Towards the end of the first round Tayo lands a beautiful left check-hook as Andre moved forward dropping him to the canvas. Andre managed to get up from the 8-count but was on wobbly legs when the ref instructed him to move forward. The ref waved the fight and Tayo was victorious.

Next up, we have the 63.5KG National WBC Title up for grabs. This was contested between Ben Campbell from Core Fit UK in Sutton and Frank Bates from Fensom Gym in St Albans.

Ben wins the bout by 2nd round TKO. The bout was shaping up nicely and out of nowhere Ben doubles up on his knees and drops Frank. An 8-count but Frank doesn't get to his feet leaving Ben the victor of this contest.

Lastly, we have the 63.5KG Regional WBC Title up for grabs. There was a last-minute change of opponent for this bout but it was one the fans loved. The rematch between Liam Griffin from Suua Muay Thai in Stoke and Jack Kennedy from Imperial Gym UK in Southport. The two had fought earlier this year on March 11th at Diamond Fight 5 in Banbury with Jack taking the win after 5 rounds of war.

This time, Liam gets his revenge with a 3rd round TKO. Liam and his team went into this fight with a clear game plan in mind, attack the back leg. By the end of the second round, Jack could barely stand on his leg. In the 3rd round, Liam continued to chop the rear leg bringing the contest to a close.


25th April 2023

Change of opponent for WBC National Title bout hosted by SKS Empire

It was announced today that there has been a change to one of the contenders for the 72.5KG WBC National Title fight hosted by SKS Empire on May 20th.

Cobra Muay Thai’s Tayo Zahir from Birmingham will now be facing a new opponent for the Green and Gold statement and will be up against Fightzone's Andre Simon from London.

Andre recently competed against Tayo's original opponent Duane Barnes from Bristol at the MTGP on April 15th and delivered a devastating round-one KO.

(Source: SKS Empire)

For the safety and longevity of fighters, Duane will have to sit out on this huge opportunity. But we are sure that he will undoubtedly be back to reclaim his shot against the winner in future.


17th April 2023

Last weekend saw 2 WBC titles on the line

Over the weekend, the UK Muay Thai scene was jam-packed with non-stop action across the country. In addition to this, it saw a clash for 2 WBC titles at Inferno Fighting Championships in Manchester and Oran Mor in Glasgow.

First up, we have the 57KG Internation WBC Title on Inferno Fighting Championships. This was contested between Anthony Deary from Fortitudo and Fin Keating from Siam Warriors.

Anthony Deary puts on a beautiful display of Muay Thai and after 5 rounds secures the win with a convincing unanimous decision. A worthy addition to his WBC collection as he won the WBC Muay Thai British Super-Featherweight Title last month.

(Source: Anthony Deary Instagram)

The second title up for grabs was the unique WBC MuayThai Nai Khanom Challenge belt. The bout saw Scotland's Keith McLachlan up against Denmark's Oliver Simonsen.

Oliver Simonsen closes the fight in the very first round with a huge KO finish over the local star Keith McLachlan.

(Source: WBC Muay Thai Instagram)


28th March 2023

SKS Empire have confirmed 3 WBC Title fights on its upcoming show

On May 20th, SKS Empire hosts its first show of 2023 and it has confirmed 3 massive fights lined up for the Green and Gold mark.

Liam Griffin (Suua Muay Thai/Domin8) VS Lewis Will (Aberdeen Combat Centre)

Duane Barnes VS Tayo Zahir (Cobra Muay Thai)

Ben Campbell (Corefit UK) VS Frank Bates (Fensom's Gym)


26th March 2023

1 night sees 2 WBC titles on the line!

On Saturday, there were two WBC titles on the line at Combat Fight Series in Bournemouth and MTB Fight Night in Glasgow.

First up, the Woman's 57KG WBC Muay Thai European Title was contested between Iony 'Fairtex' Lawrance from House of Pain in Bournemouth and Hannah Brady from Kiatphontip Gym in Leeds at Combat Fight Series 12.

After 5 completed rounds, Hannah Brady wins by unanimous decision to secure her the Green and Gold mark.

(Source: Combat Fight Series)

Next up, the men's 66KG WBC MuayThai Scottish Welterweight Title was up for grabs between Ryan MacMillian from OBs Gym in Johnstone and Mark Alderson from Kamma Gym in Kilmarnock on MTB Fight Night.

After 5 completed rounds, Mark Aderson wins by unanimous decision.

(Source: WBC Europe x MTB)


15th March 2023

Two of England’s & Ireland’s brightest talents will collide for WBC International Title.

It was announced via WBC's official Instagram page that there will be an International Title on the line at Inferno Fighting Championships on Saturday, April 15th.

The two contenders are Anthony Deary from Fortitudo and Fin Keating from Siam Warriors.


4th March 2023

A jam-packed night of UK Muay Thai sees 5 WBC Titles on the line

A busy day for WBC Muay Thai. We have 5 title announcements.

On Martial Mayhem's Ultimate Muay Thai Showdown, Scotland's Lewis Will from Aberdeen Combat Centre has claimed the WBC Celtic Super-Lightweight Title over Ireland's Faizal Azimi.

(Source: Lewis Will's Instagram)

Bolton's Super Showdown has hosted 5 WBC fights in one action-packed night of Muay Thai.

First up, we have Niamh 'The Queen of the Muay Thai lightweight division' Kinehan from Franks Gym in Manchester. She defended her WBC World Title with a dominant performance against challenger Hawa Balde from France.

(Source: WBC Muay Thai Instagram)

Second, Joe Ryan successfully defends his WBC Muay Thai European Middleweight Title with a 2nd round TKO against France's Omar Samb.

(Source: WBC Muay Thai Instagram)

Next on the list we have Anthony Deary from Fortitudo Muay Thai secure the vacant WBC Muay Thai British Super-Featherweight Title by unanimous decision over Shinkick Gym's Joe Turner.

(Source: WBC Muay Thai Instagram)

Now let's talk about England's Scott Stewart of Ske Muay Thai. It is said that he has now fulfilled a lifetime abition of his by becoming the new WBC Muay Thai Cruiserweight World Champion. He stops Alexandr Savin from Italy with a 3rd round KO victory.

(Source: WBC Muay Thai Instagram)


27th February 2023

George Jarvis loses WBC World Title to Australia's George Mann

George Jarvis is a fighter that needs no introduction to the UK Muay Thai scene. He has a phenomenal record and has been making quite a name for himself.

He flew to Australia to defend his WBC World Title against George Mann on MTGP Australia but came up short and lost the fight.

Despite the loss, the UK fans are well and truly behind the Englishman as not many would fly to their opponent's backyard to defend their title. It should be the other way around.

George Jarvis is definitely the people's Champ!

(Source: George Jarvis Instagram Page)

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