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About Radojunkie


Making Muay Thai Accessible.

All Term-Time Camps are 100% free.

Want to be part of our long-term goal?

It's time to help communities REDISCOVER CONFIDENCE AND UNITY

We are rebuilding communities through martial arts, helping them rediscover confidence and unity, and empowering young people and adults.

Consistent cuts to youth services and the closure of youth clubs have resulted in more young people being marginalised and overlooked. 

Martial Arts offers a holistic approach to personal development, developing physical, mental, and emotional resilience through self-defence.

This fosters self-confidence, discipline, and focus, enabling young people to navigate life's challenges.

Training together builds camaraderie and teamwork, creating a sense of belonging and purpose that can help them develop a positive sense of identity.

By supporting the growth and development of young people, martial arts can help them become the next generation of leaders in our communities.


Our vision is to see a more equal society where everyone has access to learning martial arts irrespective of their origins or circumstances.

We strongly believe that learning self-defence is a fundamental right that should be accessible to everyone.

It is crucial for individuals to acquire these skills, as it not only enhances their physical abilities but also instils confidence and self-assurance.


We're on a mission to extend the reach of Muay Thai to as many individuals as possible, one community and one class at a time.

We have a firm belief that Muay Thai possesses the ability to unite people in a constructive manner.

Join us on our journey to promote Muay Thai and build a welcoming and inclusive community that embraces diversity and fosters growth for all.


  • Love what we do and approach everything we do wholeheartedly.

  • Legacy making a lasting impact on the communities we serve that goes beyond us.

  • Discipline we model the behavior we expect to see through cultivating accountability to achieve our goals.

  • Empowerment by uplifting each other through mutual support and respect.

  • Inclusiveness in creating a welcoming environment that champions diversity and inclusivity.


These values guide us in all of our endeavours, ensuring that we stay true to our mission of making a meaningful difference in people's lives.


  • To act as a resource for communities providing martial arts services and advice and assistance and organising programmes of physical, educational and other activities as a means of:

  • (a) advancing in life and helping people by developing their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals;

  • (b) advancing self-awareness through self-defence;

  • (c) rekindling trust and unity within local communities

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