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Kenton vs Boatwright 2

Andre Simon

23 Mar 2024

The new WBC European Champion is crowned

The New 53.5KG WBC European Champion

The rematch was set between Alex Kenton and Michael Boarwright. In their previous encounter, Kenton secured victory by unanimous decision, solidifying his position as the UK's top-ranked fighter in the Bantamweight division.

This time, the stakes were raised with the WBC European Title up for grabs, adding another layer of intensity to their rivalry.

Once again, the bout unfolded as a thrilling exchange of high-caliber Muay Thai skills. It was a close fight but after five gruelling rounds, the judges decision favoured Kenton and awarded him the victory.

With this triumph, Alex Kenton was crowned the new Bantamweight WBC European Champion and retains his position as the UK #1.

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