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Anime and Chill are giving us Hot Geek Summer 3

Andre Simon

5 Aug 2022

Back with an evening of anime and pop culture for the fans!

Anime & Chill just keep going from strength to strength.

After the success of their first Hot Geek Summer event at the end of June, they announced they had sponsorship from Crunchyroll.

Soon after, they let the fans know they were giving us Hot Geek Summer 2.0 for the end of July. I was overly excited about this as I missed the first instalment. But they just keep levelling up. Now, they have only gone and announced HOT GEEK SUMMER 3.0!!!

This will be a little different from their previous events as it will be held on a Friday Night. This means we can enjoy a night of anime and chill as a community at Four Quarters Elephant Park.

As there aren't too many anime evenings here in London I am very much looking forward to this event.

I look forward to seeing some of you there!!!


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