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Personal training for everyone of all ages and fitness levels.


Together, we will create an individual fitness program to fit around your lifestyle to reach the goals that we have both agreed upon during our consultation session.

This is just the beginning, let's get to work.

  • Let's discuss how Muay Thai / Kickboxing / Boxing can help you.

    15 min

Freelance Coach
Muay Thai / Boxing

As an active fighter, I spend almost all my time honing and developing my skills daily to ensure I am always ready. To me, this is what keeps my mind and body in optimal shape.

With this knowledge, I do my best to pass this on to everyone I train not missing out on the small details. It is all in the details.

I'm known for my deadly knees and would be called a "Muay Khao". With knees being one of my strengths, I am a well-rounded and calm fighter in the ring.

Whether you are looking to get into the ring one day, keep fit, get stronger, lose weightbuild confidence, exercise discipline or a combination of these, together these goals are more than achievable.

I believe that no matter the age, everyone should learn a form of martial arts. Through martial arts, you learn a lot about yourself.

One last thing, I am someone that will always tell you to believe in yourself and to enjoy being in the moment. So you will hear this a lot when you are smashing pads displaying any emotion or uncertainty, "relax, reset and don't think".


You cannot revisit the past, so be responsible for what you do for yourself TODAY with the FUTURE version of you in mind.

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What my clients say...

Andrea says...

"Andre is an amazing coach! He has so much patience and explains everything as I am a newbie to Muay Thai. It is not just about self-defence but he also shows the proper technique of it. He's funny but very professional, and will never let me give up. As he said to me "I just need you to believe in yourself as much as I believe in you" and that keeps me super motivated! Pretty much he kicks my butt! I also lost weight thanks to him which is an added bonus! I would recommend him in a heartbeat!"

Sabian says...

" I am a deaf fitness junkie. I came to Andre to ask for his assistance in getting me prepared for my first Muay Thai fight. To be a deaf person in a Muay Thai ring; fighting hearing people - not being able to hear the crowd, walk-in music or even my corner team during fight night was extremely intimidating for me.


However, Andre managed to help me tune into what I could do which was to use my eyes and respond to what I see. He constantly remodelled sessions based on my feedback. Rado pushed me to my limits, always encouraging me to overcome my deafness and trust myself more. Thanks to the process Rado put me through, I would love to do another white-collar event.

Rado makes himself accessible to all and equips various tools to help him connect with people from different communities and backgrounds. I recommend Rado as a coach who is going to have a significant impact on future generations of fighters.

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