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Solo Leveling Artist Passes Away

Andre Simon

25 Jul 2022

Another loss in the Manga / Manhwa community. Solo Leveling's very own Jang Sung-Rak has passed away. The news was announced on Monday by REDICE Studio.

Otherwise known as Dubu, the illustrator of the Solo Leveling manhwa had a sudden decline in his health and it was confirmed that he passed due to cerebral hemorrhage from chronic illness. A funeral will be held for Dubu with close friends and family members according to the wishes of his family.

A huge thank you to all of the fans that have shown their support to Mr. Jang and his family. Also, their continued support in the manga/manhwa. The legend that is Jang “Dubu” Sung-rak lives on in each and every one of us. Rest in paradise!

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