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ONE Championship

17 Feb 2024

ONE Championship Updates (UK Fighters)

17th February 2024

AND STILL!!! The Two-Time Champion!

Jonathan Haggerty does it again, defending his ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title in an exhilarating match! Despite a challenging start with Felipe Lobo putting him under pressure in the first round, Haggerty showed his resilience, turning the tables in the second round with a decisive drop.

He then clinched the victory in the third round with a powerful shot, reaffirming his status as the undisputed Bantamweight Muay Thai and Kickboxing champion of ONE Championship. Not resting on his laurels, “The General” is already setting his sights on MMA glory, challenging Fabrico Andrade for his next conquest.


10th February 2024

George "G Unit" Jarvis Defeats Mustafa El Tekreeti by Split Decision

On February 9th at ONE Lumpinee 51, UK star George Jarvis achieved a notable victory, defeating Mustafa El Tekreet by split decision.

Throughout the bout, both fighters exchanged heavy blows, with Jarvis showcasing cleaner strikes and greater creativity. In the final round, Jarvis intensified his efforts, outpacing Tekreet.

This decisive last round secured Jarvis's well-earned victory. Fans are eagerly anticipating what's next for George "G Unit" Jarvis.

(Image via George Jarvis x ONE Championship)


7th February 2024

George Mouzakitis Signs to ONE Championship

It has been confirmed that George Mouakitis has signed to ONE Championship and will make his debut on March 8th 2024. He will showcase his dedication and hard work to the sport in Bangkok's Lumpinee Stadium on ONE Fight Night 20.

15th December 2023

ONE Championship X Sky Sports & Sheff Cerkez Signs Fight Contract

ONE Championship and Sky Sports, Europe's premier sports broadcaster, have formed an exclusive partnership to showcase the world's biggest martial arts organisation in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

To commence this collaboration, catch the thrilling action at ONE Fight Night 18: Superlek vs. Mahmoudi on January 13 at 1AM GMT!

The face of the announcement is none other than South London's very own Johnathan Haggerty.

(Image by Sky Sports Instagram)

Next up, Sevket Cerkez signs ONE fight contract. Otherwise known by Sheff, Sheff was due to make his debut in November but due to an infection in his leg he had to pull out. Since then he has receovered and is ready to start where he left off early into 2024. He is set to fight on the world stage on January 26th.


8th December 2023

Jacob Smith and Ellis Barboza's Opponents Don't See 3-Rounds

ONE Fight Night 17, was one helluva showcase of how exciting the Muay Thai world can be even at the top level. Out of 8 fights, 7 were concluded by KO and 2 of these were fighters from the UK.

First up, Ellis Barboza finishes his ONE debut in absolute style by stopping Thongpoon in the 3rd round by KO with a liver shot he could not recover from.

Next up, Jacob Smith gets the job done in one. Jacob has been out due to injury and he returned reminding the world why he is a top contender. He was up against Walter Goncalves and finished the fight in the very first round with a devastating knee to wrap things up.


24th November 2023

Ireland's Craig Coakley Makes His ONE Debut on Lumpinee 46

After winning the MTGP's Road to ONE series in April, Craig Coakley is set to make his debut fight on ONE Lumpinee 46, on the 22nd of December against Suablack. It's time for the world to witness the CoCo Show for themselves.

(ONE Championship)


18th November 2023

Liam Harrison Makes His ONE Championship Comeback

It has been confirmed that Liam "The Hitman" Harrison is making a comeback to ONE Championship 18th January 2024, on ONE Fight Night 18. His comeback fight is up against John Lineker who is making a crossover from MMA to Muay Thai. So there you have it, Liam Harrison vs John Lineker, who is your money on?

(ONE Championship)

King Of The North VS Nong-O

Next up, Nico "KOTN" Carrillio will go up against the former ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Champion Nong-O. Keep your eyes peeled as this is going to be a firecracker. ONE Friday Fights 46.

(ONE Championship)

El Jefe Barboza's Time To Shine

Ellis Barboza makes his debut after signing a 6 fight contract with ONE Championship. He will be going up against Kritsada "Thongpoon" Dalas in a Catchweight Muay Thai fight. The bout will take place on December 8th, at ONE Fight Night 17.

(ONE Championship)

Smith Returns To The World Stage

Jacob Smith is finally making his return to ONE Championship as he goes up against the Brazilian star Walter Goncalves. This is going to be one you do not want to miss. The fight will take place on December 8th at ONE Fight Night 8.

(ONE Championship)


10th November 2023

Elis Barboza Signs 6-Fight Contract with ONE Championship

It has been confirmed that El Jefe aka Elis Barboza has signed a 6-fight deal with ONE Championship.

His debut has not been revealed but he has hinted the time is near.


4th November 2023

Johnathan Haggerty Becomes ONE Bantamweight Kickboxing World Champion

Jonathan Haggerty secured a stunning victory by knocking out Fabricio Andrade, clinching the ONE Bantamweight Kickboxing World Title!

This makes him both ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai and Kickboxing World champion.

During his post fight interview he threw out a few words to Fabricio saying he wanted to claim his ONE Bantamweight MMA World Title.


2nd October 2023

Sevket Cerkez Is Set To Make His ONE Debute On Fight Night Friday 16

It was announced and confirmed by the Knowlsey Academy's world-renowned head coach Christian Knowles that the Roar Fighting Championship World and European champion Sevket Cerkez, otherwise known by his UK fans as 'Sheff', will be making his ONE debut on Fight Night Friday 16 on November 3rd 2023.

He will be joining his teammates Johnathan Haggerty and Liam Nolan under the bright lights of the world stage.


29th September 2023

Liam Nolan Returns To ONE & George Jarvis Comes Up Short In His ONE Debut

Get ready for the comeback of Liam Nolan as he gears up for his highly anticipated return at ONE Fight Night 16. Brace yourselves for an electrifying night of combat as Nolan steps back into the ring, his opponent Sinsamut Klinmee. Sharing the spotlight, his teammate Johnathan Haggerty is set to clash with Fabricio Andrade in a battle for the Bantamweight Kickboxing World Championship. Mark your calendars and join the countdown to November 4th, a date destined for epic showdowns and unforgettable moments in the world of martial arts.

(ONE Championship)

Next up, in his highly anticipated ONE debut, George Jarvis faced a tough challenge against PK Saanchai, ultimately falling short as the judges' unanimous decision favoured his opponent. Despite the setback, Jarvis showcased remarkable resilience and determination, setting the stage for his future endeavours in the world of martial arts. Stay tuned as this setback is sure to fuel his drive for future victories and redemption in the ring.

23rd August 2023

England's George Jarvis Is Called To The World Stage

Witness England's Bright Star Answering the Call to Muay Thai's Grandest Arena – ONE Championship! George's Journey to Greatness Has Led Him to the Pinnacle of the Sport, Ready to Face the Ultimate Challenges and Shine.


17th July 2023

Johnathan Haggerty and Nico Carrillo sign ONE contracts

Over the weekend both Johnathan Haggerty and Nico Carrillo signed multi-fight ONE contracts.

After becoming the new Bantamweight Champion, Johnathan is definitely itching to get back in there. But before that, he pays his respects to everyone that has supported him along the way.

Next up, Scotland's KOTN Nico Carrillo has shaken up the division and has earned himself a well-deserved ONE contract. He is ready to fight anyone and everyone.


7th July 2023

Lisa Brierley has her first ONE Championship loss

In a highly anticipated showdown at ONE Fight Friday 24, Lisa Brierley made her third appearance in the ring. The stage was set for an intense battle between two formidable warriors, but it was Nong Am Fairtex who ultimately emerged victorious, stunning the audience with a 1st round TKO.

The fight began with promising prospects as both fighters showcased their skills. However, it was Nong Am Fairtex who delivered a devastating blow—a powerful right cross that landed flawlessly. Lisa found herself crashing to the canvas, prompting an 8-count.

Summoning her strength, Lisa managed to stand from the count, but she was still on wobbly legs. Concerned for her well-being, the referee made the decision to halt the fight, ensuring her safety.

With this triumph, Nong Am Fairtex etched her name in the history books as the first person to break Lisa Brierley's winning streak. It was a hard-fought battle that showcased the resilience and skill of both fighters, leaving an indelible mark on the world of martial arts.


30th June 2023

Scotland's Stephen Irvine Debuts And Lands Himself A Second-Round TKO

In an electrifying event, Stevie Irvine made his sensational debut on ONE Champion's Fight Friday 23, emerging victorious with a 2nd round knockout against Thailand's formidable opponent, Pettong.

Irvine's performance was nothing short of extraordinary, mirroring the triumph of his fellow teammate Nico Carillio, who also marked his debut with a remarkable TKO finish.

Right from the start, Irvine showcased his immense strength, dominating the first half of the opening round. However, he momentarily allowed Pettong to find his rhythm towards the end.

Undeterred, Irvine promptly switched gears, unleashing an unstoppable onslaught that left his opponent utterly overwhelmed and ultimately sealed his fate in the second round.

This monumental victory not only marked Irvine's debut triumph but also earned him a well-deserved bonus of 350,000 Baht, adding a touch of glory to his extraordinary achievement.

(ONE Championship Media Team)


23rd June 2023

Nathan Bendon's ONE Debut Falls Short Against Thailand's Seksan

In a fantastic showdown, England's rising star, Nathan Bendon, encountered a formidable opponent in Thailand's renowned fighter, Seksan. Despite an impressive start, Bendon's debut in the ONE Championship fell short as Seksan showcased his resilience and skill.

In the opening round, Nathan Bendon exhibited his prowess in boxing, captivating the audience with his destructive style. His well-placed body shots had Seksan on the back foot. As the second round commenced, Seksan rallied back with unrelenting forward pressure. Determined to turn the tables, Seksan delivered a stunning spin-back elbow that inflicted a deep cut on Bendon's forehead, altering the course of the match.

After three rounds of intensifying Muay Thai action, the judges declared Seksan the winner, solidifying his triumph with a unanimous decision. Both fighters exhibited unwavering determination, engaging in fierce exchanges that kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

We can't wait to see what's next for Bendon.

(ONE Championship Media Team)

Scotland's 'King of the North' Nico Carrillo Defeats 'Elbow Zombie' Mungthai in Dominant 2nd Round TKO

In an awe-inspiring display of skill and determination, Nico Carrillo, known as Scotland's 'King of the North,' triumphed over the formidable 'Elbow Zombie' Mungthai, securing a resounding victory through a second-round TKO.

From the opening bell to the final moments of the bout, Carrillo showcased his dominance, leaving no doubt about his exceptional abilities in the ring.

This remarkable win not only secured him a well-deserved TKO fight bonus but also catapulted him into the spotlight, earning him an exclusive six-figure contract with ONE Championship.

(ONE Championship Media Team)


9th June 2023

Amber Kitchen comes up short against Italy's Martine Michieletto

Amber Kitchen flew out to fight for the first time in Thailand on ONE Fight Night 11. The extraordinary aspect of her venture was the opportunity to showcase her skills at the iconic Lumpinee Stadium.

Amber found herself pitted against Martine Michieletto, an Italian fighter who had achieved an impressive 15-fight winning streak since transitioning to professional status.

Following three captivating rounds of Muay Thai mastery, all three judges unanimously declared Martine Michieletto as the victor, extending her undefeated record to an astounding 16 consecutive triumphs

(ONE Championship Live Stream)


3rd June 2023

Liam Nolan returns to ONE in August 2023

Yesterday, Liam Nolan revealed on his Instagram that he would be making a return to the world stage of ONE Championship this summer on August 5th.

He hasn't revealed who his opponent will be to get the fans thinking. Can you guess who?


25th May 2023

Nathan Bendon makes his ONE Championship debut on Lumpinee 22

Today, it was announced that Nathan Bendon would be making his debut appearance on the world stage on ONE Lumpinee 22. Although he was not the winner of the Road To ONE Tournament, he is still recognised as a top contender to fight the very best in the world. On June 23rd, he will be up against Thailand's Seksan Kwanmuang.


11th May 2023

The King Of The North makes his return on ONE Lumpinee 22

It has been confirmed that Nico Carillo will make his return to ONE Lumpinee 22 on June 23rd.

He'll be up against Thailand's Muangthai "The Elbow Zombie" P.K. from Saenchai Muay Thai Gym.


5th May 2023

Josh Hill remains undefeated bringing his ONE Championship record to 2-0

Today, Josh Hill pulled the elbow out of the bag delivering a devastating blow in the final 15second seconds of round 3 securing him a unanimous victory against his opponent Satanfah Sitsongpeenong.

The fight was pretty even until Josh times a beautiful left elbow as Satanfah launches a left hook. The timing was just perfect and it was right on the mark as it brought Satanfah to the canvas on the spot giving him an 8-count just before the final bell.

Congratulations to Josh, we cannot wait to see who they throw at hit next!


2nd May 2023

Josh Hill makes his second ONE Championship appearance

The UK's Josh Hill is geared up and ready to go again on Friday, May 5th at ONE

Lumpinee 15. He will be going against former WBC World Champion Satanfah Sitsongpeenong!

Josh quoted via Instagram "These are the type of fights I’ve been working towards and can’t wait to do it on the biggest stage! 👊🔥"


29th April 2023

Lisa Brierley goes 2-0

Yesterday on ONE Lumpinee 14, Lisa Brierley came out on top after 3 brutal rounds of Muay Thai action against Chile's Francisca 'Scarface' Vera.

It was a back-and-forth performance but Lisa wins the fight by unanimous decision bringing her ONE record to 2-0.

Who's next for her?


27th April 2023

ONE Championship announces a game coming to mobile phones

It was announced today that the ultimate martial arts experience will be coming to our phones in 2024. ONE Fight Arena is set to feature stunning 3D visuals, immersive gameplay, authentic voiceovers and many more exciting attributes.

For now, we know that the game will be released in early 2024.

ONE Fight Arena is being developed by Notre Game and will start player testing in the final quarter of 2023.

The global launch is set for Q1 of 2024.

It will be available as a free-to-play mobile game on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.


26th April 2023

Amber 'AK47' Kitchen is back in action!

Bad Company's Amber 'AK47' Kitchen is preparing to put on a show for the fight fans at ONE Fight Night 11 on June 10th.

She will be up against Italy's Martine Michieletto.

21st April 2023

"AND NEW" One Bantamweight Muay Thai World Champion

Today, In an epic upset victory, Johnathan Haggerty of the Knowsley Academy has silenced the doubters by defeating Muay Thai legend Nong-O on ONE Championship Fight Night 9. Haggerty, also known as "The General", won the fight in spectacular fashion by knocking Nong-O out cold 2 minutes and 40 seconds into the very first round, leaving the world in shock.

(Picture: ONE Fight Night 9 Live Stream)

Nong-O had previously stated that foreign fighters should not be underestimated outside of Thailand, and Haggerty proved this statement true with his outstanding performance in the ring. For his impressive win, Haggerty was awarded a $100,000 bonus.

This victory is a testament to Haggerty's talent, determination, and hard work, and it will undoubtedly go down as one of the most memorable moments in Muay Thai history.

Congratulations to Johnathan Haggerty on this incredible achievement!

Johnathan Haggerty screams "DOUNT ME NOW"

The Scotsman Nico Carrillo begins his ONE Championship journey with a huge KO!

On ONE Fight Friday 13, Nico Carrillo made his highly-anticipated debut and emerged victorious with an impressive 3rd round KO against Turkey's Furkan Karabağ.

The fight was turned on its head when Nico landed a massive right hand that left his opponent reeling, and he then followed it up with a flurry of punches that forced the referee to stop the fight 30 seconds before the final bell.

(Source: JP Gallacher Instagram)

What's even more impressive is that a few hours after his well-deserved victory, Nico showed tremendous sportsmanship and donated £1,000 of his purse to support the people of Turkey, demonstrating his compassion and respect for his defeated opponent.

This win marks a great start to Nico's professional fighting career, and we can't wait to see what he has in store for us next. Congratulations, Nico, on your incredible debut and your show of generosity and kindness.


12th April 2023

UK fighters returning to ONE Championship

First, we have Bad Company's Jacob Smith returning to compete on ONE Fight Night:9 against Denis Puric on April 21st. This will be bout #3 of the night. The Knowlsey Academy's Johnathan Haggerty will be headlining this card as challenges Nong O for the ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title.

Next up, we have Amber Kitchen who is now also fighting out of Bad Company in Leeds preparing to fight on ONE Fight Night 11 on June 9th. She will be up against Italy's Martina Michieletto.


25th March 2023

The Pretty Killer wins her return bout on ONE Fight Night 8

Iman "Pretty Killer" Barlow wins her fight against Ekaterina Vandaryeva from Belarus by unanimous decision.

She did not get the knockout finish she wanted but put on an absolute masterclass to secure her second victory.

(Source: Iman Barlow Instagram Page)


24th March 2023

Scotland's Nico Carillo signs to ONE Championship

It was announced today via Nico Carillo's official Instagram that he has signed the dotted line on a ONE Championship contract.

Nico quit his job 4 years ago and dedicated his time to Muay Thai. He has smashed everyone he has been up against racking up titles and accolades which has now landed him the opportunity to compete on the world stage.

He even said, "Perseverance and dedication have to lead to this, it’s time to level up once again and show the world".

(Source: Nico Carillo's Instagram Page)

18th March 2023

Sam A wins comeback fight against Ryan Sheehan on ONE Fight Friday 9

Sam-A returns to ONE Championship and stops Ryan Sheehan in the second round by TKO with a monstrous left hand down the middle to score his 373rd career win.

Despite the result, Ryan Sheehan stepped up to the world stage and got a taste of what it's like to compete with one of the best in the world. He will be back and ready to put on a show for the fans.

(Source: Ryan Sheehan's Instagram Page)


8th March 2023

Iman Barlow makes a return to ONE on Fight Night 8 in Singapore on March 25th

It has been a long time coming but it is time for Iman 'Pretty Killer' Barlow to return to the world stage on ONE Fight Night 8 in Singapore on March 24th against Berlarus's Ekaterina Vandaryeva.

She quoted on her Instagram account "Looking to match my debut and got for the stoppage. Thanks to everyone who has helped me out this camp so far."

Will we see another stoppage performance?

(Source: ONE Championship Website)


13th February 2023

Ryan Sheehan debuts on ONE Lumpinee 9 on March 17th against the Thai Legend Sam-A.

(ONE Championship Lumpinee 9)

It was announced on ONE Championship Thailand's Facebook page that Sam-A would be making a return to the scene. For his return fight, he will be up against Ryan Sheehan from Ireland.


11th February 2023

Scotland's Judy Humber made her debut on ONE Friday Fights 4 on February 10th against Maelna Garcia from Argentina.

(Picture: ONE Fight Night 4 Live)

She lost the fight by Unanimous Decision.

That aside, what an amazing feat to be able to compete with the best on the current world's best Muay Thai stage at the infamous Lumpinee Stadium. This alone is encouraging more women from the UK to pursue the journey of Muay Thai.


8th December 2023

The Uncrowned King of the Flyweight Division Challenges the Undisputed King of the Bantamweight Division.

There is no doubt that Thailand's Nong-O Hama is currently the world's best pound-for-pound Bantamweight fighter in the world of Muay Thai.

His next fight is scheduled for April 21st on ONE Fight Night 9 against Johnathan "The General" Haggerty from the UK.

Haggerty has moved up a weight class but has already proved himself to be a contender for the ONE Bantamweight World Title.

How do you see this one going?


12th September 2022

ONE Championship's CEO Chatri Sityodtong announced the birth of ONE Lumpinee.

For the first time, Thailand's famous Lumpinee Stadium will host 52 weeks of live Muay Thai action worldwide.

This has to be one of the biggest announcements to be made in the Thai boxing industry.


I always say to my community that Muay Thai is growing at such a fast pace here in the UK, but One Championship's announcement does put the sport on the map.

Speaking at the ONE Lumpinee Press Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, on Monday, ONE Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong said:

“I never imagined when I started Muay Thai 38 years ago at Sityodtong gym that it would lead to this moment. I’ve lived Muay Thai as a student, a competitor, a teacher, and now a CEO. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that one day I would be the main promoter for the Lumpinee Stadium to showcase our national treasure to the world. For the first time in history, Lumpinee will be broadcast live to 154 countries.”

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