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Zoro X Muay Thai Samples are in

Andre Simon

13 Aug 2022

Zoro learns Muay Thai from Radojunkie

As a lover of Anime and Muay Thai, I have been working with Jehuda Ivan Simadibrata to bring the fans a collection of anime character favourites with a Muay Thai twist.

It has been a lot of work but I have finally received my first round of samples of the T-shirt design. I will be testing more variations before I finalise everything so watch this space. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts on this.

I came across one of Jehuda's posts whilst browsing for new artists to work with in order to bring my idea to life.

After seeing his UFC series, I just had to work with him. I reached out and proposed my vision and he agreed to help me.

We have now completed 3 out of 3 collaboration pieces but we have yet to have revealed the final piece of the set. That being said, I think everyone knows who's coming next.

While looking for references, I saw Jehuda's 'Yuri Boyka enter the Octagon!' commission, I just had to get him to recreate one of One Piece's most iconic moments with a Muay Thai Twist.

Hence why we started with my favourite anime One Piece and my favourite Character Pirate Hunter 'Roronoa Zoro'.

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