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The New 21CFC 68KG K1 Champion Darren Parker Has Been Crowned

Andre Simon

21 Aug 2022

Wins by unanimous decision

What a night it was at 21st Century Fighting Championship (21CFC). After 3 rounds of professional K1 action between Steve Keen and Darren Parker, only one of these two men could come out on top.

On Saturday 20th August 2022, that victorious individual happened to be Darren Parker from Sanshou UK, securing himself the 21CFC 68KG Pro K1 British Title.

Photo by Aneesa Photography

It was a well-deserved victory after a solid performance.

Watching this ringside was an absolute treat as the matchup between the two was spectacular.

In Round 1, they both took their time whilst feeling each other out but Darren landed a huge head kick midway through the round that rocked Steve. Steve recovered with plenty of fight in him as the round went on but took some heavy shots securing Darren the first round. In Round 2, Steve started off very well and was scoring very well with shots from all angles. He landed some beautiful knees on Darren but he just kept walking forward scoring some big shots of his own to the body. With about 10 seconds to go of the second round, Darren lands a huge body kick which drops Steve giving him an 8 count just before the bell. Securing Darren yet another round.

Round 3, the final round. Now, this was a beautiful round to watch. I think Steve's corner knew he was down and told him that he had to go and do the business. Darren didn't step off the gas as this was a title fight. There were some beautiful exchanges between both fighters. Darren continued working the body and Steve was firing clean knees down the middle. Right towards the end of the third round, Steve landed a huge jump switch knee which cut Darren's left eye and then a second knee to the chin seconds before the round ended.

After 3 fantastic rounds, Darren was announced the winner of this contest by unanimous decision.

On that note, a big shoutout to David & Katie Zetolofsky for putting together such an amazing show. Also, a big thank you to Notorious Fightgear which sponsors the show.

To get a visual reference of this written count of the fight, you will have to head over to Leapfrog Fight TV and become a subscriber for only £4.99 per month. This gives you access to a catalogue of shows and any live streams they host.

The next instalment of 21CFC will be on October 29th. Watch this space for more news.

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