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Paris vs Copperthwaite 2

Andre Simon

23 Mar 2024

The score is even!

A New KGP British Champion Is Crowned

At MTGP Fight Night 86, coach Joana and Lilie Copperthwaite vied for the KGP 62KG British Title.

The bout marked a rematch following their encounter at MTGP Fight Night 85 on October 28th, where Paris secured victory by split decision under semi-professional rules. Copperthwaite and her team believed she had done enough to win the previous match, making this fight a pivotal test to determine the superior contender among these formidable women.

For the KGP British Title, the two stepped up to the professional rule set.

From the moment the bell rang, the battle swung back and forth, with both fighters exerting maximum effort to prove their worthiness for victory.

After three intense rounds of Professional K1 action, the judges delivered a split decision in favour of Lilie Copperthwaite.

With this result, the tally between the two stands at 1-1.

The question arises: will there be a trilogy?

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