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Fable TV

5 Aug 2023

Fable News Updates

The Fable TV Anime Unveils 1st Teaser Video For Upcoming Series

The teaser trailer for the television anime adaptation of Katsuhisa Minami's manga, The Fable, was unveiled on Friday via the manga's official website. This much-anticipated anime centred around the notorious hitman, is under the direction of Ryousuke Takahashi at Tezuka Productions.

The original manga, authored by Minami, made its debut in Kodansha's Weekly Young Magazine in November 2014, and it concluded its run in November 2019. The manga spans an impressive 22 volumes. Notably, the series clinched the title of Best General Manga at the 41st annual Kodansha Awards in 2017.

Kodansha USA Publishing has undertaken the task of releasing the original manga in English. The series is succinctly defined as follows:

Navigating life as the renowned "genius killer" hitman, The Fable may seem effortless in many aspects. However, blending in as an ordinary individual proves to be a challenge. In a surprising turn, being forbidden from taking a life for a certain duration might just rank as one of the toughest assignments he's encountered yet...

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