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FZN London Muay Thai Team

28 Oct 2023

FZN London Muay Thai Team News Updates

28th October 2023

Head Coach Jose Varela & Joana Paris Steal The Show At Muay Thai Grandprix London

Jose Varela and Joana Paris had the Fightzone London team out in numbers as they both competed on MTGP London in Crystal Palance, hosted by Team Tieu's Philip Tieu.

First up, Joana was up against Lilly Copperwaithe from Essex Kickboxing Academy in a 62KG semi-pro K1 contest. The match was a testament to their strength and skill, with both fighters displaying unwavering determination. The bout remained neck-and-neck for the first two rounds, but Joana's relentless pace in the final round tipped the scales. After a hard-fought battle, the judges awarded Joana the victory by split decision, making her a true inspiration to the entire Fightzone Muay Thai Family.

Next, following this impressive feat, head coach Jose stepped into the ring against Brazil's Harlem Igor from Tiger Fight Team in a 59KG A-Class Muay Thai bout. After 3 completed rounds of full Thai rules action, the judges awarded the fight to Jose by unanimous decision.

His performance was nothing short of spectacular, proving exactly why he leads the Fightzone team with authority and skill.

Both Joana and Jose's remarkable displays of talent and determination. A testament to their dedication and passion for their craft. They have undoubtedly made the Fightzone London team and their supporters incredibly proud.


21st October 2023

Ryan Muna Loses But Puts On One Helluva Performance At Muay Thai Mayhem

Ryan Muna and the Fightzone London Muay Thai Team embarked on a journey to Muay Thai Mayhem in Crawley, hosted by Lumpini Fight Team's John Jarvis.

In a thrilling match, Ryan engaged in a C-Class Muay Thai bout against Arjan Jaiyeola from Lumpini Fight Team in the 68KG division. After five intense rounds, the judges scored the fight in favour of Arjan by unanimous decision.

Despite the outcome, it was a hard-fought battle showcasing the spirit, skill, and determination of both fighters. Congratulations to all for their dedication and sportsmanship in the ring.


15th October 2023

Andre Simon comes up short at the S3 Fight League In Coventry

On Saturday, October 14th, Andre Simon and his dedicated Fightzone Corner made their way to Coventry to participate in the local Muay Thai event, 'S3 Fight League,' hosted by Raf Hussain.

Andre faced off against local favourite Haris Moghal from 8 Limbs Muay Thai in a middleweight division contest.

In a riveting match that spanned 5 rounds of full Thai rules action, both fighters exhibited their skills and determination. However, when the final bell rang, the judges' unanimous decision favoured Haris. The fight was packed with everything a Muay Thai enthusiast could hope for, showcasing the fighters' resilience and technique.

Haris's performance was commendable, securing his well-deserved victory. Kudos to both fighters for their outstanding display in the ring.

(Photo by Rafal Witokwski


4th July 2023

Molly Mucculloch Claims WKU World Champion Title

Molly Mucculloch, representing Fightzone London, achieved one of the biggest milestones in her career as she emerged as the WKU world champion at the age of 19. This victory not only marks Molly's first world championship title but also the first world champion outside of head coach Jose Varela for Fightzone London.

Facing the renowned local fighter Michaela Michl from Dutchland, Molly bravely accepted the challenge on short notice and made her way to Munich, in Germany to fight on Stekos.

As a multiple K1 world champion and European champion, Michl posed a formidable opposition, making Molly the clear underdog in the fight. After a grueling five rounds of K1 action, Molly secured a unanimous decision victory, crowning her as the WKU world champion. Her win serves as a testament to her dedication, skill, and the constant support she received from her teammates and trainers at Fightzone.

(Molly and Coach Sunchai)

Molly's journey to the championship was a display of perseverance and determination. Despite the odds stacked against her, she embraced the challenge wholeheartedly, proving her mettle in the ring.

This victory not only brings glory to Molly and Fightzone London but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring fighters worldwide. Molly's story shows the power of hard work and the ability to overcome obstacles. Her achievement sends a resounding message that even underdogs can rise to the top and leave a lasting impact on the world of sports.

On her return to London, head coach Jose Varela expressed immense pride in Molly's accomplishment, praising her as an exceptional athlete with incredible potential. He recognised the crucial role played by the entire team in Molly's success.

As Molly celebrates her world championship victory, she remains aware of the challenges that lie ahead. She understands that maintaining her position at the top requires continuous effort, discipline, and a hunger for improvement. The world of martial arts eagerly anticipates Molly's next steps.

One last photo for you all. The legend that is Ian, otherwise known as Molly's Dad, is easily her biggest fan and supporter. The bond the two have is unpavelleled not just because they're father and daughter, but because her dad understands the hardship Molly must put herself through to achieve what she's done.

As we come to a close, let me share one last captivating photo. Behold the enigmatic figure known as Ian, a man who dons the mantle of Molly's Dad. He is, without a doubt, her most devoted admirer and unwavering pillar of support. Their connection transcends the norm, for within it lies an understanding of the countless trials Molly endures in her relentless pursuit of greatness.

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