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Blackheath Prep

Join Our Muay Thai After-School Club Waitlist

Limited Availability: 12 participants per class

Term: Autumn 2024

Dates: September 9th - December 6th

Sessions: 11

Cost:  £165 (£15 per session)

Time: 15:45 - 16:30

Monday: Prep (Year 3-6)

Tuesday: Pre-Prep (Reception - Year 2)

Empower Your Child with the Art of Muay Thai! ​We understand how important it is to find an afterschool activity that engages your child and teaches valuable life skills. Our Muay Thai Afterschool Club addresses these needs. We provide a comprehensive foundation in Muay Thai, blending school club and academy training. ​Your child will learn self-defence techniques, including proper stances, strikes, and blocks, adapted from active Muay Thai professionals for young learners. ​Our unique teaching method ensures each student benefits from a structured and supportive environment. Your child will build physical strength, confidence, discipline, and respect—skills valuable both inside and outside the training area.

Frequently Asked Questions: ​1. What age group is the Muay Thai Afterschool Club suitable for? - For children and young people aged 5 to 11. ( Reception - Year 6) 2. How often are the classes held? - Once a week after school on Monday, balancing training with schoolwork and other commitments. 3. What should my child wear to the classes? - Comfortable athletic wear. We provide all necessary training equipment. 4. Is prior experience in martial arts necessary? - No prior experience is required. Our classes cater to beginners and those with some martial arts background. 5. How do you ensure the safety of the students during training? - Safety is our top priority. Techniques are taught with a focus on control and proper form, and we use high-quality protective equipment.

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