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The Anime Guy!

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Happy Sunday to you and yours!

Welcome to another one of my blogs where I'll be talking about being called "The Anime Guy!".

For those of you that are not familiar with me or my Instagram content, on Sundays, I watch anime. I like to call this Anime Sunday, and so I make anime-related content every Sunday.

Except for Sunday, June 26th 2022 as I am spending this time sharing my experience with you all.

As I began my Muay Thai journey in 2018 I was always referred to as "The Anime Guy" whenever I fought or attended shows. It was as though my identity as a fighter was overshadowed by my love for anime within the UK Muay Thai community.

Following the launch of the first Radojunkie apparel concept I was then referred to as "Rado", but still, everyone would talk to me about anime before anything Muay Thai-related. Even if they saw me at a show I was going to be competing on.

Funny, huh?

I always thought to myself, "what is about me that people prefer to talk to me about anime rather than fighting?"

Maybe, you can answer this one for me!

Still, to this day, you can count the number of Muay Thai practitioners that openly talk about anime to their community and the public on one hand. Israel Adesanya and me.

If I have missed anyone then please let me know because more people need to know.

There may be more lurking out there now due to Netflix airing more anime during the global pandemic.

This is not to say that you could not find anime on there before, but you would generally see Studio Ghibli movies and some other lowkey anime that would not grab viewers outside of the community’s attention.

What I love about being so open about my love for anime in the Muay Thai community, is that people can actually come and speak about it without being judged.

If anything, when I have someone come up to me at the gym/the street/shows and say “I love your content. I saw your Anime Sunday post.”. Then we speak about it and get on with our day with a smile on our faces.

It’s so heart-warming to know that there are people in the Muay Thai community that I did not know were into anime.

Through my love for anime, my aim is to continue to connect more and more of us together not just in the UK, but around the world. This way, we can enjoy what anime has to offer us in the Muay Thai world.

Even after a solid year of coaching my client, I was able to convince her to give anime a try and now she is hooked.

If you want some anime recommendations tailored to your liking, just drop me a message by signing in/up to the "Members" area. Located at the top of the page.

Thank you very much for reading!


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