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A Successful Kick Off to Our Mini-Camp: A Preview of the Summer Camp

Let us start with a huge thank you to everyone who was able to attend the mini-camp this week. The warm-up for our upcoming 4-week summer camp was incredibly well received. 🌞

Welcoming Our Young Participants

Over the past two days, we had the pleasure of meeting 16 young people, including 12 of our regular attendees and 4 newcomers to the community. 🤩 It was wonderful to see familiar faces and to welcome new ones into our group.

Introducing the Basics of Muay Thai

During the 2-day program, we introduced the basic tools of Muay Thai to our young participants. The activities included:

  • Skipping: Starting with the fundamentals to build agility and coordination.

  • Fundamentals: Teaching the essential techniques and stances.

  • Pads: Practicing strikes and combinations with pads.

  • Sparring Drills: Engaging in controlled drills to apply what they’ve learned.

  • Sparring: Allowing our older participants and regular members to experience sparring in a safe and supervised environment.

Building Community and Friendships

It was great to see some old faces and to watch all our young people interact with one another. There’s something truly special about seeing the Sunday and Wednesday crews mix; you really get to see a different side of them when they come together. 🙏🏾

Enjoying Flavours from Around the World

We’re also thrilled that everyone enjoyed the fruits and got to taste flavours from around the world. We might have gone a bit overboard with the amount this time, but we’ll be able to plan it right for the 4-week summer camp in August. 😋

Looking Forward to the Summer Camp

This mini-camp was just a taste of what’s to come. The enthusiasm and participation of all involved have set a fantastic tone for the upcoming summer camp. We can’t wait to continue building skills, fostering friendships, and creating memorable experiences for our young people. (keep reading...)

Thank you again to everyone who attended and contributed to making this mini-camp a success. Your support and participation are what make these events so special. We look forward to seeing you all in August for the full summer camp experience! 🌟

A special thank you goes out to our volunteer coaches for giving our young people the best possible Radojunkie experience! 🫱🏾‍🫲🏼


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