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Tokyo Revengers

Andre Simon

7 Sept 2023

Tokyo Revenger Updates

7th September 2023

Season 3 of Tokyo Revengers is Scheduled For October 2023

The new Tokyo Revengers trailer #2 revealed that the Anime TV Series Tenjiku Arc" begins on October 3. The studio in charge will be LIDENFILMS.


4th March 2023

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Announced and Confirmed With 2 New Cast Members

The announcement of Tokyo Revengers Season 3 was announced after the final episode of Season 2 ended on Sunday.

Season 3 of the anime will be an adaptation of the manga's Tenjiku Arc.

They also revealed two new cast members. First up we have Nobunaga Shimazaki plays Izana Kurokawa, the head of Yokohama's Tenjiku team. Lastly, Tetsu Inada plays Kanji Mochizuki, one of Tenjiku's Four Heavenly Kings.

(© 和久井健・講談社/アニメ「東京リベンジャーズ」製作委員会)


17th December 2022

We all knew that season 2 of Tokyo Revengers was going to air in January, but we were all left wondering when?

It has been officially announced that the Christmas Showdown Arc will begin to air on the 7th of January 2023.

We are lucky to start the year off with a show that is befitting the season.

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