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Dr Stone

Andre Simon

19 Jun 2023

Dr Stone Updates

19th May 2023

Dr Stone: New World S3 Part 2 starts on October 2023!

The official Twitter account for the anime recently revealed that this captivating season's second cours (a quarter of a year) is set to premiere in October. Dr. Stone: New World, the highly anticipated third season has exciting news for its devoted fans. Building up the suspense, the first cours concluded with its 11th episode, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the next installment. In a delightful treat for enthusiasts, TOHO animation has already graced us with a captivating music video showcasing the season's opening theme song "Wasure Gataki" by the talented Huwie Ishizaki.

Brace yourselves for more thrilling adventures and innovative storytelling as Dr. Stone: New World captivates fans worldwide. Stay tuned for the much-anticipated October premiere and reveal of an exact date!


7th April 2023

Season 3 is scheduled to be 22 episodes

As the first episode aired yesterday, it was confirmed that Dr Stone Season 3 "New World" is scheduled for a total of 22 episodes. This will be split into 2 parts.

13th March 2023

With a scheduled release date for Season 3 "New World", we get a new official trailer


9th March 2023

Dr Stone Season 3 is coming to your screen Spring of 2023

It has finally been announced that Dr Stone Season 3 "New World" is set to air on April 6th 2023 as a 2-split-cour.


December 21st 2022

Dr Stone is gearing up for a huge comeback with Season 3 next year.

The fans have been given a look at what is to be expected in the new season with its new trailer.

The season is due to air in Spring next year but we have not been given a concrete date just yet. Stay tuned for updates.

As the new season draws closer to its full premiere, the series has revealed a much better look at the next major adventure for Senku Ishigami and the Kingdom of Science. Take a look via TOHO Animations.

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