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My Hero Acedemia

Andre Simon

16 Dec 2023

My Hero Academia Updates

16th December 2023

My Hero Academia Anime Season 7 Premieres on May 4th

The Jump Festa '24 event reveals a new trailer for the seventh season of My Hero Academia, unveiling the release details we have all been waiting for.

The anime will kick off on April 6th with a special four-episode recap titled My Hero Academia Memories. The main season seven, starting from episode 139 of the series is set to begin airing on May 4th.

Exciting news also arrived about a fourth film. Horikoshi will oversee the project as the general supervisor and original character designer. The movie will introduce an original storyline set around the same period as the ongoing TV anime, coinciding with the collapse of a once-safe society.


7th August 2023

My Hero Academia The Movie 4 Confirmed

It has been confirmed by TOHO Studio that a new MHA movie is in production and coming soon. They also released a teaser trailer. The title of the movie instalment is "World Heroes Mission".


19th June 2023

My Hero Academia Season 7 New Key Visual

The official Twitter account of My Hero Academia unveiled a fresh new teaser image for its upcoming 7th Season. The image is showcasing the prominent protagonist, Midoriya Izuku, widely known as Deku. This latest visual presents an enhanced rendition compared to the initial one unveiled in March earlier this year, during the announcement of the show's highly anticipated 7th season. Notably, the artistic brilliance behind this illustration stems from the talented Yoshihiko Umakoshi, the esteemed character designer responsible for bringing the series' captivating characters to life.


26th March 2023

MHA Season 6 has officially come to a close

Yesterday, saw the last episode of season 6. An episode of joy followed my intense anticipation of the next season to come.

Season 7 is in production but no clear indicators as to the schedule have been revealed.


22nd March 2023

MHA Season 7 confirmed

My Hero Academia Season 7 of the series has been confirmed as seen in the 17th issue of the Shonen Jump weekly magazine.

So far, the series has put out a total of 6 seasons and the final episode of the season is scheduled for March 25, 2023.

This has now left the fans debating what season 7 will consist of. It is expected to cover both the U.A. Traitor arc and the Final War arc but this will all depend on how season 6 concludes.

No update as to when the new season will air, but we expect it to be scheduled for Spring 2024. This is not concrete so stay tuned for updates.


4th February 2023

New Season 6 Part 2 visual and video teaser. Dark Hero Arc Begins Next Week!

My Hero Academia has been one of the new-gen anime that anime fans have taken a real liking to.

That being said, the new Season 6 visual and teaser are something else. The Dark Hero Arc airs next week.

Part 1 of season 6 sees the Meta Liberation x Heroes War come to mostly a standstill. The heroes we love are having a tough time dealing with the situation, causing the main character Deku to go out on his own. Thus the start of Season 6 Part 2, The Dark Hero arc of the My Hero Academia.

A brand new trailer and visual for the series were released to celebrate the announcement showing Deku in his new look. I must say I like his new vigilante look!

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